How do I make my promotional video?

Your promotional video is the most important aspect of your listing and is used by Music Lovers when selecting an Artist. 

You can update your promo video at any time.

After your profile is approved, the Gixon content team will provide you with guidelines on how to make your video, and tips to complete your listing. Your promo video should be a well-made video that highlights your performance ability and will appeal to Music Lovers. 

All promo videos must be uploaded to your own YouTube channel, with the link to the video shared in your listing.

Here are some things you can include in your video:

  • A clip of you performing live
  • Show your personality through your music selection
  • A short, personal introduction
  • An example of you performing your favourite genre/artist/cover song
  • The total length should be about 60 seconds

Note: the promo video you upload to your listing can be different from the verification video you provided when you first signup with Gixon

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