What do I do when I arrive?

Once you have arrived at the location, make sure to swipe ‘Arrived’ in the Gixon app.

Personally introduce yourself to the Music Lover or their representative. Ask any questions about where to set up, access to power, and anything else you need to know for setting up. 

Once you’ve set up and prepared for your gig, you’re ready to give a great performance! Open the app just before the gig starts, and swipe to 'Start'. The event countdown timer will start and Gixon will be notified that your gig has begun.

At the end of your event, swipe ‘Request Payment’ in the app. Ask the Music Lover to swipe ‘Send Payment’ in the app immediately so Gixon can proceed with sending you the money for your gig! Remember that the Music Lover has already processed their payment with Gixon. The ‘Send Payment’ step sends that payment on to you, the Artist.

Finally, review the Music Lover experience in the app so the Gixon community can share great experiences and continue to improve. Thanks for a great performance!

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