Reviews are very important to the Gixon community! Gixon doesn’t direct, monitor, or review performances and events, and both Music Lovers and Artists use the candid feedback in reviews to contribute to the best possible experience on the platform and at events.

All reviews of Music Lovers will only be visible to Artists when they receive a booking request from that Music Lover and to the Music Lover who receives the review. They are not publicly visible on the Gixon platform in the way that an Artist’s reviews are public.

The review, along with the star rating (from 1 to 5 stars) is used by other Artists to determine whether to accept a booking from the Music Lover.


Note: All reviews must comply with our community standards. If a review is in violation of the standards, the review will be removed, and the reviewer will receive a warning and an explanation of our community standards. Repeated violations may result in removal from Gixon.

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