Why do I need to add a YouTube video before I can sign up? Does it need to be a professional video?

Music Lovers trust Gixon to connect them with talented Artists who provide quality performances. Each Artist is carefully checked by the Gixon team before they can proceed with making a listing accessible to Music Lovers in the Gixon community.

The YouTube video on your profile should be a candid example of your performance ability. We recommend providing a recent, unedited video of you performing for about 60 seconds. This video is used to verify your identity and confirm that your talent is suitable for the Gixon community. It must be available through your own YouTube channel to be considered by the Gixon team.

Once your profile is approved, Gixon will provide you with information on how to put together a promo video to share on your listing that will be visible to Music Lovers. For the profile application, you just need a personal video that you share with the Gixon team.

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