How do I set up a payout method?

Every Artist must have a Stripe account before they can begin to accept bookings. After being approved as a Gixon Artist, you’ll need to set up your Stripe account in the Gixon app by going into ‘Profile’ and then ‘Payout Method’ and then under ‘My Balance’ go to the bottom of the screen choose ‘Setup Account’ and follow the instructions.

Set up your Stripe account as soon as possible once you’ve logged into Gixon. After all, getting paid is just as important as playing!

You can confirm that your Stripe account is active by checking under ‘My Balance’ and looking for the green check mark and ‘Enabled’. If you do not see this, go back into the Stripe setup, and fill in any missing/inaccurate information. Once you’ve done this, go back to ‘My Balance’ to confirm that your account is enabled.

To change any payout information, go into the Gixon app, click ‘My Balance’, select ‘Go To Stripe’ at the bottom of the screen, and change the information in Stripe.

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