What should I put in a Music Lover’s review?

You can rate your experience with the Music Lover on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and leave comments. Be honest, factual, and focus on your interactions, the booking process, communication, and your experience.

Put in a brief description of the event, your experience with the Music Lover, and whether you would like to work with them again. We encourage everyone to remain positive whenever possible and be entirely truthful.

Stay away from vague phrases (‘I liked the venue’) and try to be specific (‘The venue was clean, with friendly staff and a great setup for live artists’). Remain compliant with our Terms of Use in your review, which includes—but is not limited to—not posting inappropriate content such as profanity, personal insults, slurs, threats, or hate speech.

If you have comments or concerns about the LiveM platform, please send those directly to Gixon Support Team by choosing ‘Support’ / ‘Contact Us’ in the app or by emailing support. You can also leave a review of Gixon’s platform in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Never post personal information about the Music Lover, except for what they have already shared in their publicly visible profile. For example, if the name on the profile is Mary S., do not use their full surname in the review; just refer to them as Mary or Mary S.

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