Who is responsible for expenses associated with the event?

Gixon only facilitates payment between the Music Lover and the Artist for the agreed-upon fee. Any other expenses are the responsibility of the respective party. 

At no time should the Music Lover request that the Artist pay for any expenses related to the event, nor should the Artist request additional payment from the Music Lover outside of the Gixon app.

An exception may be things like parking that the Artist may have to pay for while at the event. To avoid any surprises, Artists and Music Lovers should communicate in advance of the event, and clarify any such details. 

Artists should consider expenses such as transportation when setting their fees in the Gixon app. At any time, an Artist can change their fees within the Gixon app, but the changes will only apply to future bookings. Artists cannot change fees once a booking request has been accepted.


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