What are the health and safety guidelines when hosting an event?

The health and safety of the Gixon community and all those who attend events with Gixon Artists are extremely important to all of us.

When you are considering booking an event, confirm that the plans are fully compliant with all local health and safety regulations. Those regulations often change with little notice, so it’s important to keep checking back. Different venues may also have their own health and safety rules, and should provide these whenever someone inquires about an event. We encourage you to ask about these, and ask how the venue is complying with local regulations.

After an Artist has accepted a booking request, it’s important to have a conversation with them about all health and safety regulations and how you can work together to protect our community. Guests can benefit from some friendly reminders throughout an event about following local regulations and staying healthy and safe.

You can also check our community forum, where the Gixon community shares tips and experiences that are helpful in planning safe events.

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